• Aire Real

    Aire Real

    An excommunicated monk who fell into piracy. Most recently, she hired on with Bruce Waayne's crew on the Sable Drake.
  • Alistar of the Malakim

    Alistar of the Malakim

    Warmage and dutiful captain in the Malakim army, dispatched to Ptolus to recover lost artifacts of his empire.
  • Bruce Waayne

    Bruce Waayne

    A ruthless, ambitious, and self-interested halfling who earned notoriety in Ptolus as a thief, crime lord, and captain of the ill-reputed Sable Drake.
  • Ignignokt Oduniro

    Ignignokt Oduniro

    A manipulative assassin whose innumerable accomplishments are outshone only by the fact that nobody knows of them.
  • Seldaster the Mad

    Seldaster the Mad

    An unpredictable occultist, about whom little is known apart from his glaring mental illness.
  • Therek


    Sadistic gnome elementalist with connections to House Vladaam, unamused by anything short of personally-inflicted carnage.
  • Trendel Urdrbarn

    Trendel Urdrbarn

    A renegade Illian turned High Astrologer of the Watcher of the Skies, and a prominent oracle in the public affairs of Ptolus.